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The Heritage experience BEGINS Here

Welcome to Halifax Heritage

As a group of volunteers, we started organising Town Hall, walking and bus tours to share Halifax heritage during National Heritage Week held in September each year. Witnessing interest in our heritage grow exponentially with the rejuvenation of the Piece Hall and filming for Gentleman Jack, Happy Valley, Last Tango in Halifax and Gallows Pole, amongst the abundance of other attractions, we saw the opportunity to support and increase people’s interest in our heritage. We invite you to join us to explore the ages of Halifax, sampling our tours, events and engaging with us and our heritage associates.

Our Cause

RECALLING AND VALUING OUR HERITAGE to shape everyone’s future....... 

We truly believe that focussing on heritage is pivotal for community wellbeing, cohesion and civic pride and importantly offers a resilient future for Calderdale economically, creating prospects and aspirations for the next generation.

What is heritage?

It means many different things to different people. Individually or collectively, it is a unique, inherited sense of family or community identity supported by values, traditions, culture and artefacts handed down by previous generations – to enjoy now, preserve and pass on to following generations.

Heritage can fall into three categories: 

  • Tangible, such as historical sites, buildings, monuments, museums and artefacts
  • Natural, including our waterways, landscapes and woodlands
  • Intangible, being our customs, folklore, skills, traditions and memories

Together, these categories of heritage create a common language or understanding, an insight that helps us to communicate on a deeper level with each other and to express this in a unique way to the world around us.

Our heritage is the keystone to our culture. Remembering our heritage is essential to our present and the future we build for the next generation……

2024 Tours

Halifax Heritage Tours CIC April 2024 tour dates are now live and available to book at https://www.ticketsource.co.uk/Calderdale-culturedale

New Tours for 2024 include the Halifax Magistrates Court and the Hebble Canal trail. Walking tours of the Town Hall, Town centre and Bus Tours around the residential parts of Halifax are also planned.